Current data on known fascists and associates in the state of Texas.

Ethan Landrum-Denby — ATX Neo-Nazi, 211 Bootboys, Atomwaffen Division Sympathizer

On the chopping block today (literally and figuratively), we have Mr. Ethan Alexander Landrum-Denby, neo-nazi “Third Positionist” in the Austin white power Oi! (neo-nazi punk) music scene. A truly upstanding member of society. His instagram username is red.area__ and it looks like he scrubbed his facebook since we released his doxx on twitter a couple weeks ago. He was born on 12/26/1994, so currently he is 24, about to be 25.

Ethan Landrum-Denby DWI mugshot

His current address based on his criminal record is 6903 Deatonhill Drive, Austin TX, which looks like it is Flagstone Apartments near William Cannon Dr in South Austin. His voter registration states he is living at 2958 Lagerway Cv, Austin TX but this may just be his father and step mother’s address he is using for it. We assume he is registered as a republican considering his questionable “views”. No updated details on his vehicle yet, but we have a list of them we are combing through to determine which one belongs to him, although we know his father is registered to it. As mentioned above, he got a DWI in 2017, and it looks like his license may have been suspended for a period of time.

He also has a girlfriend named LeAnn Blackwell, pictured both above and below, who LARPs on her instagram (possibly deleted since we released this) as a Swedish tradwife (traditional wife culture of white women who endorse and participate in nazism) seems to condone and even endorse his views, considering she spends the most time with him. She is also pictured below with some friends throwing up the “OK” symbol, which was co-opted by white nationalists and nazis as a sign of “white power”. The poor girl on the left has no idea clearly.   LeAnn also attends St. Edwards University, and is set to graduate in 2020. I wonder what could be done about that? Contact St. Edwards here at 512-448-8400 and visit their facebook to message they at St. Edwards University Facebook Page

LeAnn Blackwell pictured second from right putting up the “OK” symbol which, in 2019, signifies “white power”

You would think Ethan would be a little more discrete about his views, but as a nazi in the US, he is extremely comfortable with his views. He is also what we deem a “siegebro” in reference to James Mason’s book “Siege” that many neo-nazi accelerationist terror organizations use as their bible and manifesto to commit “lone wolf” acts of terror on communities to provoke a “race war” in the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Russia/Ukraine. These organizations include Atomwaffen Division in the United States, and The Base in Canada and South Africa, who tend to overlap with one another. We don’t know for sure if Landrum-Denby is in these organizations, but we know for sure he lives by their convoluted set of values and expresses great sympathies with them.

Landrum-Denby posing in his instagram with an AK-47. Terrible trigger discipline.


“Read Siege” — a meme used to recruit neo-nazis into the Base and Atomwaffen. Used on 4chan, 8chan, their telegram channels and discord servers


When he’s not posting shirtless selfies with his AK-47 and representing terrorist groups, Ethan can be found pouring his white supremacist hatred into a crypto-fascist music project called Blackwatch. He is currently in the white power Oi! band “Ultras” and “The Wilderness”. There’s only so many chords you can play about hating jews and black people. 0/10 would not recommend. 

From the looks of it, he is currently or was previously working with his father, Kristopher Allen Denby, at his business in LaGrange called “Hemlock and Heather”. Their website is

They also manufacture wall decor for West Elm. Their corporate office number is 888-922-4119.

Ethan and his father Kristopher Denby, and Ethan working at Hemlock and Heather, his father’s business

He also frequents Lone Star Gun Range in Lockhart, Texas to practice. Comrades, be aware of this shitheel in your presence and make sure to document it when you see it.

Landrum-Denby at Lone Star Gun range in Lockhart, TX.

Landrum-Denby has some notable tattoos to look out for if you’re out and about and run into this expired milk of a human.

Some tattoos, including the Othala Rune, the Black Sun (Sonnenrad), and Runic writing.

Some readings listed by Landrum-Denby himself give us some clear insight into his interests and hobbies. Notice the lack of self-help and self-improvement readings on here. 

His instagram doesn’t just include racist tattoos and insane dog whistles to nazi and fascist ideology, he literally glorifies fascism and admits to being a fascist and representing the fascist aesthetic. He even has a “Deus Vult” tapestry, which means “God Wills It”, a phrase coined during the Catholic Crusades that was co-opted by white nationalists in recent years as a manifesto to target women, minorities, and LGBT+ folks.

More fascist glorification, including “Deus Vult”, or “God wills it”.

Ethan considers himself to be a Third Positionist nazi, which has a particular focus in ecofascism. For the uninitiated, Third Positionism “advocates of Third Position politics typically present themselves as “beyond left and right” while syncretizing ideas from each end of the political spectrum, usually reactionary right-wing cultural views and radical left-wing economic views.” It combines racism/anti-semitism with social or economic beliefs such as environmentalism. Don’t even know how these people keep their heads from spinning off their bodies with the amount of contradiction.

In particular, Landrum-Denby is inspired by a 20c Italian philosopher who advanced the concept of “involution” (reverse-evolution) whereby white people in all their perfection, are the ancestral forebears of “degenerated” people of color and of course animals. In his since-deleted interview, Ethan (under the pseudonym “Black Bomber”) waxes poetic like a true alt-right pseudo-intellectual about Evola who, by the way, felt 20th century European fascism didn’t go far enough. Basically it doesn’t matter what this chud calls himself, he’s a fucking nazi. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Ethan Landrum-Denby giving an interview (deleted currently) under the pseudonym “Black Bomber”

To nobody’s surprise at all, Ethan has a slew of fascist and neo-nazi friends (they’re like cockroaches people, when there’s one there’s many) who y’all should probably know more about, starting with these lovely individuals throwing up ‘211 Bootboys’ neo-nazi skinhead gang symbols in NY (they also have 211 Bootboys tattoos) who were partly responsible for the attack on anti-fascist protestors alongside Proud Boys terrorists outside the Republican club where Gavin McInnes was speaking. The project “Blackwatch” also has a track called “Balkans Boot Boys” so we can assume they have an association to them aside from this image.

Landrum-Denby’s friends throwing up gang symbols (and have tattoos) of 211 Bootboys in NY

We also wanted to clue y’all in to a couple of his friends, the first one being David Aguilar, who is friends with Ethan. Pictured below on the left we can see Aguilar next to Landrum-Denby at Twin Sisters Cantina in San Antonio on 09/13/2019, so fairly recently. Aguilar, who is known to make bootleg neo-nazi black metal shirts, is also in a band called Zusammenbruch with Ethan’s bff Corey Pickens. Heads up Aguilar — they would gas you too if they had the chance.

David Aguilar, Ethan Landrum-Denby’s friend in the neo-nazi music scene.

We have a couple more names, including the likes of Rick Flores and Rusty Kelly. We DO know that Ethan and Rusty have been seen in venues such as 523 Thompson, Lost Well, and Cheer Up Charlies, all of which they have been effectively banned as recently as two weeks ago when we released this doxx. They were also banned because they exhibited violent behavior by getting into fistfights in a couple of these places. Good on them for doing the right thing. We will find out what other venues they have or will be performing at to make sure they are run out of Austin.

Another INTERESTING partner in the Austin neo-nazi music scene is Rusty Kelly, also friends with Landrum-Denby and whom works on the Blackwatch project with him. He has quite the resume! He is a spoiled rich kid, D-list actor, and the son of the Austin School of Film co-founder, Anne Goetzmann Kelly. Go to his instagram to see this weirdass video of him trying to convince us “Iron Gates” is funny. Weirdest of flexes.

Rusty Kelly, friend of Ethan Landrum-Denby who works under Blackwatch name.

The weird and disturbing continues with Rusty Kelly choking his girlfriend on stage during a performance of his one man band “Breathing Problem” (can we recommend “mental abortion” instead?). He also happens to be Ethan’s sugar daddy, pumping thousands of dollars into vinyl and merchandise for their Blackwatch project.

Kelly’s band instagram

UPDATE: Looks like we got Ethan’s and Rusty’s attentions with our doxxes of them. Ethan scrubbed his facebook and made his instagram red.area__ private. He also deleted a few images alluding to his fascism, a couple of them including Ethan’s band playing with a neo-fascist band named Vapaudenristi, named after Vapaudenristin ritarikunta, which means “Order of the Cross of Liberty” which were similar Finland renditions to the German Iron cross that were presented to nazis and other fascist forces in WWII. This band specifically believes in optics of a fascist movement, so they draw in apolitical crowds to accept their fascist ideology of “injustice, hierarchy, and violence.”

Ethan’s deleted post about playing with neo-fascist band Vapaunderisti (above). Description of Vapaunderisti (below)

Landrum-Denby and Kelly are both pretty upset that their shitty fascist views got them banned from performing and patroning some local venues, but spare us the crocodile tears. Here is Ethan crying all over his instagram.

Ethan’s instagram after our initial doxx. 

By the way, considering your girlfriend spends alot of time with you, that means she either condones your behavior, or she actively participates in it. LeAnne Blackwell should reconsider her allegiances if she doesn’t want her life “ruined”. We have a message for you and your girlfriend, Ethan: You’re not persecuted, you’re not killed for being who you are, you’re not discriminated against. You’re a few rich, spoiled white kids who had the CHOICE to be fucking nazis. And whether or not you were trying to be funny or ironic, the result is still the same. And ironic nazi is still a nazi. Period.

We aren’t done yet. Stay tuned! 🙂