Current data on known fascists and associates in the state of Texas.

Luis Enrique Melendrez Jr. aka “verynoicem8” on Iron March Forum Leak

Meet Luis Enrique Melendrez Jr., confirmed anti-semite/racist/homophobe. (Consider that a TW/CW because this gets UGLY!!) Luis was kind enough to use an email with his full name when he created a profile on the now defunct white supremacist hate forum #IronMarch.

Living with his parents on the west side of San Antonio, Luis describes himself as a Fascist/National Socialist and takes a keen interest in all the same neo-Nazi pablum we’ve come to expect from his type: Hitler, Rockwell, Devi, Evola, etc.


Luis didn’t waste a second telling his Iron March pals all about his long and storied journey from “anonymous f*g” in middle school to “sniffing out Jews” his junior year of HS. Along the way he was everything from an ancom to an ancap to an alt-righter, but one thing never changed:

He spent most of his energy on Iron March waxing on about the “antics of ni**ers” and how they are “tools that k*kes use” to foment degeneracy. Oh and the slippery slope from “fa*gotry” to pedophilia and NECROPHILIA. Yikes. To Luis, these groups must be violently eliminated.

According to his facebook profile, Luis is employed as an Associate at Walmart Supercenter, located at 8538 Interstate 35 S in San Antonio. Shoppers looking for “always low prices” may want to avoid this particular location.


You can find Luis spreading fashy hate on KIK under the username: ‘Verynocem8’ or on Snapchat as ‘Verynoicem8’, which, not coincidentally is the same username he used on Iron March. Add him on FB before it’s too late!

We have reason to believe that he is enrolled in college courses at a school in SATX. Nobody should have to share a classroom or a break room with Nazi trash. If you have more details like his school or employment – a Twitter handle with more incriminating Nazi-talk, please contact us at