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Michael Steven Schiele – Tampa, Florida Area White Supremacist & Anti-Semitic Podcaster

Michael Steven Schiele – Tampa, Florida – PDF

Michael Schiele AKA “Mersh” is a White Supremacist podcaster. He hosts, or co-hosts several different podcasts associated with the alt-right. He’s a previous strip club manager, associated with the troll/8chan/white supremacist podcasting side of the movement.

In 2018, Mersh went off the rails and stripped all uncertainty off of his status as an anti-Semite. Several clips of Mersh on air are of him singing songs about “The Jews” owning YouTube, him not liking or trusting Israel or the Jewish people. He asked how many of his audience members would be surprised to learn just that. (Afterward, one of his many channels was booted off of YouTube – most of the others remain)

Anti-Semitic tirades here:

Revenge of the CIS, ROTC Radio and Nightwave are all gateways to the alt-right for young men full of hate and against the establishment.

Mersh has more connections to the front end, and the underworld in the neo-Nazi/alt-right realm than are fit for print, so we’re going to highlight several of them to emphasize the point. Mersh is a White Supremacist podcaster, who routinely encourages and engages with other racists and bigots to glorify their behavior and normalize both their violence and agitprop.

Mersh amplifying Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler, so he can show the world “How dangerous” antifascists are. Kessler continues to be involved in ongoing litigation as a defendant for his part in organizing the August 12th, 2017 rally that led to the beating of DeAndre Harris and the death of antiracist protester, Heather Heyer.

Instagram – white supremacist “Defend Europa” “Remember what we’re fighting for, kids”

(No, it’s not cheeseburgers)

Mersh on anti-Semite Paul Nehlen. Notice that Mersh seems upset that Nehlen is doxxing his own people.

Per the SPLC, “Paul Nehlen has evolved from a nationalistic politician into one of the most high-profile advocates of terrorism in America today.”

Mersh and his in-depth commentary about the infighting with neo-Nazi TWP’s Matthew Heimbach and co-founder Matt Parrott.

Mersh tagging in neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin and alt-right podcaster Baked Alaska into the TWP drama.

They may have declared those west point kids “innocent” after an internal military investigation for flashing the OK (white power) sign at the Army/Navy game. Rest assured, Mersh is not innocent.

Read more about the OK sign, here.

Mersh has other friends like James Brower (james_brower9, Jbro_1776, CatcherJB, etc) and Douglas Matthew Stewart (DMatthewStewart, gh05t0fstew, realdougstewart, etc) he seemingly collaborates with.

Mersh also had some great mutuals on Twitter before his original account was banned.

Folks like:

Augustus Sol InvictusUnite the Right civil suit defendant and previous 2nd in command of FOAK

Patrick Casey (head of the American Identity Movement, previously Identity Evropa)

Alexander Luderman (Misanthropic Division, Unite the Right attendee, and neo-Nazi podcaster)

Now he’s stuck with Shawn McCaffrey and Luis J Gomez from the Legion of Skanks

Here is Mersh trolling Unicorn Riot and Jared Holt (Notice Nick J Fuentes actually liked this one)

Mersh on the topics of guns, women, and people with mental handicaps.

Mersh spreading alt-right agitprop (this seemingly linked to completely debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory)

On the ADL, SPLC… “Get on PewTube”, Pizzagate / LW & Hollywood conspiracy theory pedophilia stories, and more “comedy” leveraging the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer & Alt-Right:

Here’s Mersh trying to influence his audience to “Prank an SJW anonymously through the mail”

Friends & Follower data for Mersh‘s suspended Twitter account (ID 16307260) – a few examples of what files ID 16307260 is in for folks they were following, or being following by.  Below, Mersh tweets disgusting insults at Journalist @jaredlholt.

Two of Mersh’s current Twitter accounts:

Michael Steven Schiele

Tampa, FL

DOB 5/13/1983

Social Media: