Current data on known fascists and associates in the state of Texas.

Parker Dane Murphree – Identity Evropa, Texas A&M Neo-Nazi

Thanks to a tip, we were provided information regarding a Texas A&M weightlifter and student who actively participated (and possibly still does) in a hate group. His name is Parker Murphree, who went by “Gerald Cunningham”  in the discord server of white supremacist gang ‘Identity Evropa’ that was leaked from Unicorn Riot. See his messages on the server here to understand what we are referencing: Gerald Cunningham Discord Messages via Unicorn Riot

We were hesitant at first to release this since our information wasn’t connecting, but we finally found some pictures of him on his mother’s facebook after he recently scrubbed his instagram account @parkerdmurphree. Looking at the images, the descriptions, locations, and the interests of the user “Gerald Cunningham”, we found that it matches up perfectly with Parker Murphree. That, and it was suspicious that his information was nowhere to be found, until today!

Firstly, we mulled over every single message he wrote on that server. He admits that he is in College Station, Texas, where Texas A&M is.

He admits to being a weightlifter in the chat, as well as confirming his height.

Here he is on the weightlifting team at Texas A&M. We have reason to believe he still may be on this team but we are not 100%.

Murphree circle all the way to the left

Just for reference, we are going to show a few images to confirm his body structure and ear size and shape to match up his identity in the Identity Evropa server pictures to his actual pictures.

Murphree in red circle of image he posted

Here are the front-facing pictures. You can see his ear shape and size and the way they stick out are the same, and his body type is the same from the backside image from the server. You can actually even see the hair color and style are the same as well.

Now that we have confirmed his height, his images, his location, and his interests, we are going to present some images of some racist, anti-semitic, and misogynist comments without any context below:

anti-semitic reference of a jewish professor at his school


States that women can’t think for themselves and that women are followers and men are leaders. Interesting he lifts right alongside women though.


Reference to germans “waking up again” to nazism


“Our people” means the white race here and “our views” means white supremacy and/or nazism


His ideal community is a white ethnostate


To contact Texas A&M about Parker Murphree and his bigotry toward others, as well as his participation in a white supremacist hate group linked to the deadly Unite the Right rally, please reach out to OR you can contact the following:

Also be sure to contact the Texas A&M Weightlifting Team directly at:

Cameron Creel



Parker’s Information: 


150 Canyon Creek Ct

Weatherford, TX 76087 

(we believe he is staying in Texas A&M campus housing, however)


Let Texas A&M know this won’t be tolerated! Make him famous! No nazis in our schools!