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Tyler Ray Glasscock aka “PetroFash” on Iron March Forum Leak

Meet Tyler Ray Glasscock of Wichita Falls, Texas. He is a petroleum engineer and a fascist exposed in today’s post from the Iron March leaks by blessed comrade ‘antifa-data’. This is the smirk of someone who has it all but it isn’t enough for him.

Tyler Glasscock LinkedIn Photo

From Glasscock’s LinkedIn profile here, he is currently employed at Gunn Oil and is a Master of Science candidate at Midwestern State University.

Glasscock LinkedIn

Glasscock was recently outed as a fascist in the leak of the Iron March forum, the now defunct Neo-Nazi forum which gave birth to Atomwaffen Division, the SPLC identified hate group and Neo-Nazi death cult that idealizes James Mason and  Charles Manson has been linked to at least five murders in the United States and at least two failed bombing plots. The official slogan of the Iron March forum was “Gas The K*kes! Race War Now! 1488! Boots on the ground!” From Tyler’s Iron March user data, he naively used HIS REAL EMAIL ADDRESS ( on the site under the user name PetroFash (Petroleum Fascist):


The following is a post from Glasscock on the forum, looking for likeminded fascists:

Petrofash aka Tyler Glasscock on Iron March forum


Here, Tyler identifies himself as a ‘Confederate’ American, identifies his status at the time as an undergraduate Geology student at Midwestern State University, and states that he is 23 years old (He was born on Feb. 10, 1994). He acknowledges that he was radicalized toward fascism by noted ‘Alt-Lite’ personalities Milo Yiannopolous and Ben Shapiro, commonly cited by rightwing terrorists as beginning points on the road to fascism. He then refers to his journey toward ‘the ‘Alt right’ and ‘white nationalism and white identity,’ and blames his radicalization on the ‘Jews’. He expresses his frustration with ‘nonwhites in general’ and acknowledges that he has now gravitated toward full-blown ‘fascism/ national socialism’ (Nazism), and hopes ‘the race war comes soon’.As a result, he is looking for ‘like minded men’ to practice warfare tactics with.

Glasscock’s place of employment can be contacted at the following:

Mr. Robert D. Gunn

811 Sixth Street, Suite 100 Wichita Falls, TX 76307

Owner Phone: (940) 779-3352

Fax: (940) 723-5594


And the Geology department at Midwestern State University can be contacted here:

Sheila Tucker

Secretary II

(940) 397-4250

(940) 397-4898


As of 2017, when the Iron March forum was active, Glasscock lived at 4621 Monterrey Dr., Wichita Falls, TX. 76310, although he may have since moved.

In the below screenshot, Tyler acknowledges that he fears that his fascist beliefs and activism could get him expelled from his ‘public university’ (Midwestern State University). He also mentions some of his reading and watching list: ‘The Greatest Story Never Told,’ a six hour antisemitic documentary that lauds Adolf Hitler and denies the Holocaust; and ‘Siege’ the favorite book of Atomwaffen Division, written by James Mason of the American Nazi Party, the National Socialist (Nazi) White People’s Party, and the National Socialist Liberation Front. ‘Siege; advocates for terrorist acts of murder and violence in order to destabilize the US government in order for Nazis to be able to take over. Mason has commented “in order to Make America Great Again, you have to make it white again”. A convicted pedophile, Mason lives in Denver in an apartment bedecked in swastikas. Tyler also wanted to obtain a copy of ‘The Turner Diaries’, written by American NeoNazi William Luther Pierce. ‘The Turner Diaries’ depicts the overthrow, by Neo-Nazis, of the American government, a nuclear war, and, ultimately, a race war that leads to the extermination of all non-white people. It was cited as a primary influence by Timothy McVeigh in his 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Glasscock mentions below that he was considering joining Atomwaffen Division.

See the following reminder on who Atomwaffen is, members here seen at one of their ‘Hate Camp’ training exercises:

Atomwaffen Division Hate Camp

He also expresses interest in joining a couple of other SPLC designated white supremacist/ Neo-Nazi hate groups, Identity Evropa and Patriot Front (which he erroneously calls ‘Patriot Alliance’). However, he accuses Patriot Front (formerly called Vanguard America when they were active at the violent Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA at which one of their associates murdered anti-racist activist Heather Heyer and attempted to murder many more) of being *homophobic slur*s. And he mentions his radicalization toward white supremacist terrorism: ‘Fanatics make shit happen right?’ Since Midwestern State University has since been the target of Patriot Front sticking campaigns, one might wonder if Glasscock was involved. Since the Iron March site was ‘shoahed’ by its fascist Russian founder in 2017 (‘Shoah’ is the Hebrew word for ‘Holocaust’ and is often used by antisemites like Glasscock as an ironic replacement for ‘killed’ or ‘ended’), has Glasscock since seen the error of his ways and turned away from fascism? Looking through his Twitter account, in which he uses the EXACT SAME USER NAME of PetroFash, the answer is ‘no’.

On his old twitter account shown below, Glasscock does follow several accounts related to Wichita Falls, Midwestern State University, and the oil industry:

Petrofash twitter account

However, he also follows a variety of fascist accounts. Some common denominators among the accounts he follows? ‘Nationalist’, ‘National Socialism (Nazism)’, ‘Racial Consciousness’, ‘Fash the Nation (making America fascist)’, ‘Groyper (ironic antisemitic take on ‘Goyper’, itself a take on ‘Goy’ or ‘Goyim’, in which antisemites ironically self-identify as the Yiddish word for ‘gentile’), the ‘1488’ signifier (14 for the 14 word oath to the white race popularized by David Lane of the white supremacist terrorist organization ‘The Order’ plus 88 in place of ‘HH’ or ‘Heil Hitler’), ‘Third Positionist (a fascist ideology in which capitalism is also rejected as it is ‘too egalitarian’ in favor of a social order closer to monarchism), ‘Identitarian (promoting ethnonationalism and a society based around ‘European/ White Identity), Nazi ‘SS’ lightning bolts, ‘Noticer (antisemitic code for keeping a close eye on and trolling Jews), and ‘Ethno-Nationalist’.

Fascist accounts he follows

However, in addition to these ‘run-of-the mill’ fascists, Glasscock follows some high-profile fascists as well:

Known fascists he follows

Peter Sweden, the pseudonym of ‘Peter Imanuelsen’ is a Swedish alt-right pseudo-journalist who has denied the Holocaust and suggested that LGBTQIA+ people be sent to concentration camps. David Duke is perhaps America’s most famous Neonazi, founder and leader of the White Youth Alliance at Louisiana State University and the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a new iteration of the KKK that sought to bring together traditional KKK ideology with Neonazi idealization of Nazi Germany. Augustus Sol Invictus, the Holocaust-denying, openly-fascist wannabe politician from Florida pushes for an America free of ‘outsiders’:

“No matter where you are, no matter what your race or creed or system of government, if you have a large group of outsiders coming in, things will change, and not necessarily for the better. Classical liberalism, libertarianism, a republican form of government — these things do not exist without Westerners. Those who see Africans and Europeans as interchangeable, they are either mentally retarded or they are deliberately dishonest. Either way, they aid in the destruction of our people, our lands and our culture. They are a cancer that must be excised if we are going to survive at all.” So what of Glassfcock’s own beliefs, as displayed in his Twitter posts and shares? Here Glasscock calls Italy ‘based (common Alt-Right slang for ‘excellent’ or ‘positive’)’ because a woman reports being called the *n word* there:

Here he shares a poll among fellow fascists about whether they would have saved Jews during World War II:

Here he shares a post calling for the repeal of women’s right-to-vote:

Here he shares a poll among Trump supporters that agrees with his dream of a ‘white America’:

Here he voices his approval of another SPLC designated white supremacist hate group, the Rise Above Movement, a southern California-based racist fight club that was particularly active in the violence in Charlottesville, VA. They were also linked to multiple different assaults during the events of 2017 at the Unite the Right Rally.

Here he praises ‘ethnosoap’, the MightyWhiteSoapCo., that makes soap specifically by and for white people, including a scrub called ‘Caucasian Abrasion’:

He shares pseudoscientific claims that LGBTQIA+ people aren’t ‘born that way’:

And finally, he thanks his ‘colored’ followers while avoiding a Twitter ban by depicting a variety of racial stereotypes through the use of emojis: fried chicken, watermelon, bananas, basketballs:

Thanks to a comrade for pointing this out, but we found his new twitter account @plain_view1 here: New Archived Twitter Account

Some notable hits from his new account:

Petrofash recent tweets and shares


Let’s make this motherfucker famous. 🙂

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