Current data on known fascists and associates in the state of Texas.

Iron March Forum SQL Data Dump – Resources

As of 11/08/19, Internet Archive removed the data dump from user ‘antifa-data’ for “violating terms of service”. *Eyeroll* Quite a few different media outlets directly linked to the now-defunct data dump archive, but many of us made sure to export it in its entirety because we knew this would inevitably happen. 

For security reasons, we cannot upload a CSV/XLS file to this platform, so we uploaded it in PDF form that uses a lot less storage. 

Please enjoy this comprehensive list of the original data dump and subsequent resources from other amazing analysts:

Original Iron March SQL Data Dump PDF: IMFSQLDataDump ZIP file for download: IMF ZIP Download

Usernames/Emails/DOB/etc Legible PDF: Username_-_email_-_DOB

Texas Users (specifically) PDF: TX_Users_by_IP_Address

Search Database by @JewishWorker: Iron March Search Database

FashMap (let me know who created this): FashMap – Users by Location

Easily Enter User Info to locate them on social media: OSINT Search Extension